Articol scris de Alexandru Băra | IMPULS, nr. 2


So I’m lying in my bed, drenched in my fantasies, counting the imperfections in my ceiling. I have just given up counting the ones in my life because they are as many as the drops of rain falling outside my window. Today I hate the rain… And I’m thinking about it. About my hate. I should lay it down on a piece a paper, put it in an envelope and send it away. But I wouldn’t know where. And I don’t want anybody to share my hate. It’s my burden to bear. So, instead, I’m just lying in my bad, staring sadly at my ceiling…

Why to wake up early during summer

It was a beautiful summer morning… No! It wasn’t just an ordinary beautiful summer morning. It was THE most spectacular and wonderful summer morning that I have ever seen. I’m not very much of a “green man” and I’m not very passionate about anything related to nature. And yet there I was, staring at the sun which was rising from across the forest in front of me. As it rose it almost seemed like the entire field had been set on fire. And as if it wasn’t beautiful enough a bevy of birds passed away straight in front of the sun. It reminded me of those beautiful wallpapers, which I had never understood how they were made… and I was regretting that I had left my photo camera home. But as I came closer to the woods, all of my bad feelings faded away while I was listening more and more of the song of the birds, which could have surpass any orchestra in the whole world. And at that moment I would have probably bet my life on it.

I was crossing the field, heading for the forest, when the soft grass which was tickling my ankles and the strong, but sweet smell of lavender knocked me down. So I lay myself in the tall grass, and staring at the blue sky covered here and there with clouds of the purest white that I have ever seen, remembering how I used to try to find clouds with funny shapes when I was just a few years old…

After a few minutes of nostalgia and after I had admired the “outdoors” of the forest, I decided to go “inside” as well. And it was worth it. The infinite shades of green and brown dazzled me. The sweet sound of a stream could be heard somewhere nearby but due to the thickness of the forest I wasn’t sure where the stream was. The scent of the trees was feeling so fresh and reviving after the sweet and drowsy scent of the lavander. If I were to imagine